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LPL Series
GE Current



LPL Series by GE Current


The third generation Proline® LPL Series is a value product for commercial ceilings providing uniformity, efficiency and reduced glare for T-grid ceiling applications. The LPL offers a lumen maintenance greater than L70 at 50,000 hours of operation, allowing for lower maintenance costs. Ideal for any general indoor lighting applications, in both new construction and retrofit options where luminaire’s are being replaced. End users can see the difference and enjoy the fresh new look of an LED luminaire.


  • Daintree® Wireless Control options provide for code compliance and add'tl energy savings

  • Accessory kits available for EMBB, controls and sensors

  • Field selectable lumens and field selectable color temperature (CCT)

  • EMBB test switch mounted remotely

  • ISO 4 option for cleanroom rated projects

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